Monday, August 31, 2009

A Bunch of 'News'

Lots of "new" has been going on around here this week!   I've added a new pricing format and a spiffy new song to my site, as well as a facebook fan site ...Now how well I'm going to do at keeping up with that AND a blog, I'm not sure! And thanks to the precious McCright family making me realize just how much I do, in fact, actually enjoy family shoots ...I've opted to take on a limited amount of family shoots/ children each month. I had a friend tell me she didn't think I would be able to last long with my decision to quit doing children's photography and she was right!  Now for the other "news"!

New school year: Zane, my kindergartner keeps thanking me profusely for "signing him up for school" and is still asking if I'm going to let him return the following day! ... To which of course my reply is: "Only if you keep behaving at school." :). And Cole is very proud of his mature 4th grade status!

New Baby: Isn't she just a DOLL?!

New Baby Bump:
Pics including a newly acquired tattoo, and a new experience for encounter with a rattlesnake while on a shoot!:

New One Year Old Nephew :)
Have a spectacular Monday everyone!


  1. these are awesome!!! I've been awaiting your amazing photo posts :) I'm excited to be your blog stalker! happy week! -molly

  2. These are awesome! I love when they get to play in the cake!!